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6 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Social Media Postings

How to Keep up with Your Social Media Posting When Time is Limited
Considering that every second close to 6,000 tweets are sent, 800 photos are uploaded to Instagram, and five new profiles are added to Facebook, it's clear that social media is a great platform to share your company's message. Unfortunately, most small business owners struggle to keep up because they have so many other things to take care of on a daily basis.

Fortunately, keeping on top of an active social media feed doesn’t have to mean hours on your laptop. With some simple adjustments, you can boost your engagement, attract more leads and stock up on relevant posts - without a huge time commitment. Here are 6 tips to show you how:

1. Stay Ahead of the Game

Start out by developing a social media plan and follow it up with "Plan B" when your spare time is limited. For instance, social media scheduling apps like Buffer, Hootsuite or Amplifr connect to all your social media accounts, allowing you to schedule posts for future dates, which is a definite time saver.

2. Become a Curator 

The share button is there for a reason, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use it. Retweeting or sharing posts lets you quickly bulk up your feed without a lot of effort.

Of course, there’s an art to this, too. Exclusively sharing content can reflect badly on your business’s social media reputation. The code of conduct on social media platforms is much like a potluck meal—it’s not polite to fix yourself a heaping plate without bringing something to the table. If you’re constantly retweeting or sharing others’ content, it can appear as though you’re not contributing any of your own. Aim for an 80/20 breakdown of sharing versus original posts, which should be a manageable goal.

3. Take Five 

Although you can put off posting occasionally as needed, delaying customer responses on social media can have some serious repercussions. Take a few moments each day to engage with users who connect with you over social media. Consider responding early in the morning, as you're less likely to get pulled into prolonged back-and-forth conversations. 

Never contradict an angry or frustrated customer. Be sure to thank them for their insight and offer to make it right. Even if you disagree with them, it will defuse the situation and save you time—which is a much more precious resource than your ego.

4. Harness the Power of Automation

In addition to social media scheduling, you can use a little creative computing to help get more content to your feed. IFTTT, short for “if this, then that,” is an automation “applet” that integrates with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can use it to program your own automated “rules” for your applications—for example, to schedule a link to be posted every time you favorite it while browsing. That way, you can build up your stockpile of content without as much manual effort.

5. Don’t Overlook Analytics

It’s hard to stay motivated to post if no one seems to be paying attention. Many scheduling apps also contain analytics reports, which you can use to review each post’s success rate and see what kind of content your audience responds to. View reports on engagement, clicks, likes, and shares at least once a month. Review this information to see what brings your followers out of the woodwork and develop a plan to integrate the kind of content your users tend to respond to—while holding true to your brand and company values.

6. Hire Someone 

If all else fails and you find yourself constantly struggling to keep up with customers and refresh your feed, it may be time to engage some outside help. There are hundreds of social media professionals who would love to manage your feed.

Depending on the results you’re looking for, you can also turn the work over to a marketing firm. These teams can help you leverage social media advertising and provide experience that a freelance consultant may or may not have. 

Just remember, there’s no shame in asking for outside help. After all, it just means you’re growing, and that’s a good thing!

Click here to read the full article by Erin Vaughan. 

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